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Driven by Passion ... 

My relationship with photographs is inextricably linked to the stories and history of my mother’s vast collection of photos. In 1981, aged 20, I bought my first real camera, a Pentax ME-F, followed by Nikon F4.

My Nikon and I were constant companions for decades – and I learned to love black-and-white.

Since I decided to end my professional career a few years ago with the aim of giving my life more freedom, I’ve discovered the limitless opportunities offered by digital photography. My hobby is now my absolute passion – albeit still on a steep learning curve, I’ve discovered I suit a more artistic/creative style rather than a depictive one. 

“All photographs are correct. None of them are the truth” Richard Avedon said.
This quote has had a lasting impact on my style. Also the work of Frederick Summer.

I feel the light and shadows, I follow geometry and solid shapes, I prefer reflection to reality, B&W to color, and I use details sparingly, consciously.

The viewer of my photos is completely free to see what they see in my photos, not what I want them to see.  

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Published in Photographize Magazin Issue 04  on Highlights  Curator´s Choice

Page 4 - BarbaraNichtern